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Hayman Island - Private Ocean Addiction Extended Day Charter - 8 hour

The Ocean Dynamics team is at your service, ready to cruise and explore the beautiful Whitsunday waters. Our team will work with you to prepare a bespoke private itinerary, to ensure you get the most out of your extended day charter.

Spend time relaxing, with champagne on Whitehaven Beach. Have a gourmet lunch served while anchored in a quiet bay. Explore the colourful fish and coral while snorkelling with a sea scooter, or even try scuba-diving for the ultimate Great Barrier Reef experience. And experience all of this in one day. The extended day gives you that much luxury, the options are truly as endless as your imagination....

The vessel, Ocean Addiction is a luxury jet boat, getting you to your destination fast! Ensuring the most amount of time at your one or up to four destinations as possible. Open-aired sides provide 360-degree views of the Whitsundays islands and ocean. This does enable some elements on different days, yet a shade above keeps you out the sun and showers. Specialising in diving and snorkelling, Ocean Addiction is an exciting journey to each chosen destination. All vessels offer luxurious fittings and five-star service from our passionate and experienced team.

Once arrived at your destination, make use of a variety of water sport equipment including paddle boards, snorkelling equipment and more. There are hours of water exploration and fun to be enjoyed for all the family.

A private charter is the perfect opportunity to try your very first scuba dive or undertake a certified dive. No matter your experience, your private charter is the perfect time to experience an incredible dive among the Great Barrier Reef, with it all to yourself. Let us know if scuba diving sounds like something you would like to experience, and we will tailor a quote to get you out diving or on a sea scooter with our experienced team.

Why not take a scuba dive, enjoy a gourmet antipasto platter with refreshments, then cruise to Whitehaven Beach and walk to the Hill Inlet Lookout. Enjoy a swim and stroll on the white sands. Then refresh with a gourmet lunch on the beach with a champagne or beer and enjoy a stunning sunset on your cruise home.

Catering options

We can provide a variety of gourmet catering packages, showcasing fresh Queensland and Australian ingredients, on your private charter and are happy to accommodate special dietary requirements, with 24 hours notice.

Antipasto & Fruit platters


Seafood Platters

Licensed bar onboard and the beach for functions

Facilities on board

Bathrooms: Available on shore at various stops

Speed: 30 knots, Top Speed 40 knots

Crew: 2

Max Passengers: 12 local waters

Extra costs apply for sea scooters, diving, lunch and additional stops.

We look forward to planning your own private experience onboard Ocean Addiction, around the pristine Whitsunday waters, in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.

Come onboard with Ocean Dynamics where...

'It's all about you'

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